Hello. I am unable to post a review on the internet because I don’t use social media or have Google email. But I want to thank you! again for the responsive service we’ve had. It seems to me that often a company’s commitment to excellence is seen when there’s a glitch. After 20+ years of doing (residential) business with JA Sauer we recently experienced our first snag. JA Sauer took our situation in stride, went above and beyond to resolve the problem, and demonstrated professionalism and the company’s commitment to excellent customer service. We sincerely appreciate JA Sauer and thank you.

Best regards,

Andrea M. 3/29/19

Justin Wilson from J.A. Sauer was at my house on a Sunday within an hour of the call. He had the issue figured out within 15 minutes, had the part replaced soon after, and was in and out with my furnace working again on a 20 degree day within about 45 minutes of being at my house. I felt really comfortable with the work he was doing as he explained everything he was doing very clearly. I felt he was very honest as well, which is a good feeling when dealing with something like this. I’d recommend him.

Ryan M. 1/30/19

This location is awesome, great pricing, not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for, service, knowledge, a company that will stand behind there work, the install crew was awesome, kind, friendly, prompt, and professional. We had this company install a new HVAC system high efficiency, 16 sear unit, and two infinity wifi controls,, with zoning, new filter system, some duct work, with a 10 year parts and labor warranty. I choose J.A. Sauer because I know that they will still be there when you need them. I recommend this company to everyone.

David A. 1/25/19

We recently had a new furnace and air conditioner installed by three of your finest employees. Anthony, Matt, and Denny, worked non-stop to install the new systems. As a team, they worked well together. They were conscientious, very polite and showed pride in their work. If any questions arose, there was no hesitation to answer them. They were very knowledgeable and skilled in removing and replacing the units. From start to finish: Beginning with Mark, our Sales Consultant, Jeff, the Project Manager, and the technicians, Anthony, Mat , and Denny who did the installation, it went without a hitch. We are very satisfied with the job, and would HIGHLY recommend your company to others. Thank you again for a job well done!!

June & Ernie C. 11/6/18

Long overdue review- this past week before Xmas we lost our heat. We called JA Sauer on a Saturday night. Within a couple of hours, a technician was at our door. He found that we actually had a fire inside the boiler that charred all the electrical. The next morning a crew showed up to estimate the damage. They made our situation a priority and had the project completed that week. JA Sauer makes it easy to do business with them. Every once in a while, you run across a contractor who has their act together. JA Sauer is one of them.

Ross T. 9/5/18

Our air conditioner went out on a hot Saturday night. We have exotic pets that are heat sensitive. They had a tech at our house within 30 min even at 2AM for emergency servicing . Our tech Tymothy was amazing. He was professional and explained everything to me and showed me the problem. He had it fixed so fast and did so without even waking our neighbors. He probably saved my pets from the heat. Thanks for the amazing service!

Amy Lynn B. 8/6/18

I just wanted to send you two a quick note about our recent experience with Heath and Kevin on the INPAX Project. We are an indoor range ventilation company and we work on jobs across the entire country. Because of shipping costs and other considerations, we often engage with a local ductwork company to help manufacture and install ductwork for us. I wanted to let you know that the experience we have had with your team has bar none been the best, most productive, most efficient, and most positive experience we have ever had with any duct company in the entire country.Heath has been extremely responsive, communicative, polite, energetic, and a thorough Project Engineer, I have ever had the pleasure of working with. While my company and owners have been in the industry for a very long time, I come from an Interior Design background and am still learning some pieces to the HVAC industry. Heath explained every question I had and was extremely supportive and helpful. There was not one single instance where Heath did not over perform. He is a true credit to your company.

On site Kevin has been just as professional, efficient, polite and has performed extremely high-quality work. When we received some progress images from your team we were VERY pleased! Now being on site, both of my bosses cannot say enough wonderful things about the team you have deployed at INPAX. Again, we do work all over the country and not everyone installs such quality work.

It has been a true pleasure to work with your team, and I just could not let this job pass without letting you know.

Kara W. 8/6/18

Our home was hit with flooding, leaving over four feet of water in the basement, and both the furnace and AC units totaled. JASauer was quick to respond to our estimate request and sent out a very knowledgeable and friendly assessor (Mark H). Of the quotes we received, Mark was the only estimator who walked through our home to count vents, asked about our usage patterns in winter and summer, and double checked his calculations to assure that we would have the correct size furnace and AC unit. This thorough effort was impressive right off the bat, and paired with the reasonably priced tier of options, we were happy to move forward with the order. On top of everything, JA Sauer hustled to schedule our install for the same week. Given our situation, this was a huge step forward in getting our home put back together after the flood, and a huge relief.
Jeff Z, who took equipment measurements pre-install, was able to visit within days of our order placement. He was very professional and assured me that the install team would be prepared to complete the job within the scheduled timeframe (they did!). He also confirmed that the new units would be elevated as best as possible, to lessen any future flood damage. The old equipment was removed, and new equipment was installed within the appointment time, and with better materials than we expected for added elevation. There was a minor snag with the equipment, but Jeff called me first thing the next business day (before I even tried calling) to confirm the install of the new piece. This prompt and professional communication was much appreciated! We did not get to meet the installers because we could not be home at the time, but their work was solid, space was left very clean, and the new equipment works fantastically. Overall the team at JASauer is above and beyond professional and courteous, and we would be happy to work with them again anytime.

Chelsea P. 7/23/18

Our air conditioner stopped working during some extremely warm weather. A repair person came out, examined the unit and thoroughly explained the issues. He gave us a couple options to consider, but based on the age of the existing unit, we decided to replace the AC rather than try to fix it. The next day, another Sauer person came out to review the many and various AC options – size, BTU’s, zoned, ductless, etc . – and the related pricing. He fully explained each and made no effort whatsoever to steer us to higher priced options. He just made sure our needs were met. The next day, another service person came to measure and map the work. He was in and out quickly. On the fourth day, two folks came to replace the unit. They were so clean and neat and quiet, we hardly knew they were in the house. Every bit of fallen insulation, packaging, plastic, drywall dust, etc. was cleared away. Throughout the entire process, all of the Sauer folks were polite, on-time (or called if running a little late), professional, knowledgeable and explained things clearly. Everything was well coordinated among all of them. I would definitely use them again.

Debra R. 7/19/18

My furnace stopped working the weekend before Thanksgiving – it was cold and getting colder. I called another company to fix the furnace, and after working on it for several hours, the furnace was declared Officially Dead. I wasn’t surprised, but now I needed a new furnace, and I needed it rather quickly!I called three different places to get bids; they all responded, and came out to scope the situation (it was now the Tuesday before Thanksgiving) and submitted their bids – among them, J.A. Sauer. The most professional and most complete bid was submitted by J.A. Sauer, and I decided to go with them. I told J.A. Sauer I had chosen them, and they sent a guy out to do all the measurements, as the new furnace would be physically smaller, and the intake/outtake pipes and the duct work surrounding the furnace would have to be replaced. They made all the measurements (on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving). The temperature inside and outside the house was dropping lower every day. I added more layers of clothes and slept under many blankets!

I didn’t expect them to install the furnace on Thanksgiving – but the day after Thanksgiving, when the rest of the country was watching football games and enjoying the long weekend, J.A. Sauer showed up and installed the new furnace, and the new thermostat. It took them just about all day, and they worked hard! They did a great job, the new furnace is great, and I could confidently give back the space heaters the neighbors had loaned me when they found out my furnace was broken a week before (The temperature inside the house had dropped to the mid-40s.) So yeah, J.A. Sauer doesn’t deserve 5 stars, they deserve 10 stars! (We agreed that the air conditioner replacement could wait until Spring – so there is more to come with that!)

Riccardo S. 4/9/18