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Boiler Services in Pittsburgh, PA

The longevity and reliability of hydronic heating has consistently made a boiler system a popular choice for heating throughout Pittsburgh.  While modern boiler systems continue the tradition, they are now compact, completely silent, and wonderfully energy efficient.  Take advantage of a more gently infused form of heating for superior comfort, air quality, and cleanliness.  There’s no contaminants blown into indoor air, no unpleasant temperature swings, and very little maintenance involved.  These systems are the workhorse of the industry, yet offer the luxuries of true thoroughbreds.  Specializing in boiler system installation, maintenance, and repair, J.A. Sauer Co. ensures maximum rewards from our investment.

Dependable Boiler Repairs & Installations

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our highly trained and certified technicians customize recommendations and services to suit your specific needs.  We offer a comprehensive range of the most innovative and well-regarded boilers on the market to answer any challenge or size of space.  Innovations in design and technology have introduced boilers that automatically adapt output to the current needs of the home, ensuring lower speeds, evenly distributed temperature, and maximized energy savings.  And with zoned heating, you can further trim costs and tailor comfort to individual preferences.  Call on J.A. Sauer Co. to learn more about the outstanding benefits of hydronic heating, and we’ll handle your installation, upkeep, or repair with prompt response, an organized job site, and exacting job performance.

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